What is co-development ?

Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne, the Canadian inventors of co-development, use the following definition

“The co-development professional group is a development method for those who believe that learning from one another can help them to improve the way they do things. Individual and collective thought and reflection are reinforced by a structured consultation exercise which focuses on topics which the participants are currently finding problematic”. Source AFCODEV

A co-development workshop is a collective, co-operative event that brings together a small group (6-8) of participants in the same company, usually managers with similar functions, to discuss problematic leadership and management issues that they would like to share and explore. A coach or facilitator, trained in a structured technique, ensures that all participants benefit from the experience of the others through feedback and insight.

The group will usually meet for half-day sessions, between 3 and 6 times over a 3-6 month period, enabling the process to be in-depth and, if necessary, iterative.

In a typical workshop a participant will have the role of the ‘client’ and explains the issue to the other participants, who are the ‘consultants’. Respecting the approach outlined by the facilitator, the consultants give feedback and ideas that the client can then take away as a new set of options. Each participant plays the role of the ‘client’ in turn and the overall experience takes place in a framework that is supportive, trusting, promotes mutual support and, importantly, confidential.

How can co-development be used in a development context ?

As well as providing the participants with a practical set of solutions and new approaches to resolve current issues, the co-development process is also a developmental experience on a number of levels :

  • Learning through sharing experiences with others
  • Develop active listening and feedback techniques and use of a ‘manager-coach’ posture
  • Appreciate differences in style in a positive, supportive setting
  • Put suggestions into practice immediately after each session, report back to the group
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Develop a network of cross-functional contacts
The Redwood Talent Partners approach

Based on best practice, knowledge and experience, the Redwood Talent Partners team is able to establish and facilitate the co-development process and train in-house users to structure and deliver co-development workshops.

We will work with you to develop and put in place the appropriate co-development process, providing the opportunity for managers to enhance their professional skill set and to improve their performance and that of their teams.