Leadership Matters

It is the source of business and corporate development, strong people management and innovation; it is leaders who secure profits and drive an organisation’s sustainable value creation.
What is expected from leaders ?

Leaders are expected to be visionaries, managers and coaches or even mentors, who can effectively deal with the demands of strategy, tasks, teams and individuals. They must be energetic yet reflective, imaginative yet practical, and tough yet approachable. They must take the long view but deliver results today.

With such high expectations, business owners and top management know that developing their leaders’ skills is a wise investment. In concrete terms, this investment translates into helping leaders to demonstrate and embody the following essential functions within the organisation :

  • Developing the vision (strategy dimension)
  • Sharing the goals (communication dimension)
  • Mobilising individually and collectively (people dimension)
  • Delivering success (operations dimension)

Different leadership styles

Every leader has their personal impact on the organisation and this is demonstrated in different ways. For example, some leaders transform organisations by combining innovation, inspiring communication and entrepreneurial flair with the effective execution of analysis, interpersonal sensitivity and structured implementation; others combine technical expertise with a clear transactional management style and are very effective in driving operational success in the here-and-now.


Based on a pragmatic and precise conceptual framework we assess to what extent an individual fits the leadership challenges of your organisation.

More importantly, we provide customized development programmes for experienced and future leaders, whether they are moving from a technical expert role to a leadership position, leading in a collaborative environment without hierarchical power, i.e. in a cross-functional capacity, or stepping up from functional to senior line management roles.