What is mentoring ?

Mentoring is a supportive form of development and whilst skill improvement may be one of the objectives, the main focus is on knowledge sharing, broader career management and personal development. The relationship between the mentor and the mentored person (or mentee) is on going and lasts for some time. The mentor passes on skills, knowledge and personal experience and is normally someone more senior in the organisation.

How to use it in a development context ?

A mentoring programme will usually be managed internally within a company or organisation as part of a broader talent management and leadership development process.

Interestingly the benefits do not just accrue to the mentees, but also include the mentor and the broader organisation :

For the mentor
  • Improves self-awareness
  • Improves leadership skills
  • Expands professional network
  • Increases visibility
For the mentee
  • Accelerates development
  • Enhances self-esteem and confidence in interacting with senior leaders
  • Expands the professional network
  • Increases job satisfaction and effectiveness
For the organisation
  • Creates a culture of development
  • Improves awareness of the talent pool throughout the organisation
  • Drives employee engagement and retention
  • Increases cross-organisational communication
The Redwood Talent Partners approach

The key success factors of a mentoring programme include not just its design but also the selection and training of mentors and the internal communication that accompanies the launch, including the involvement of executive management.

The Redwood Talent Partners team have experience in devising and delivering mentoring programmes and can work with you to identify how such a programme could bring value to your organisation.