The right individual in the right job at the right time

The classic job of business and HR leaders has become more demanding. Nowadays talent is considered as a strategic asset : it is valuable and differentiating yet also hard to acquire, develop and retain.

Leaders are challenged to pro-actively map existing teams against potential future requirements in times of volatile markets and the need for strategic agility. What keeps them awake are questions about the feasibility of a future strategy : “Can our people execute the organisational strategy ? If not, how do we acquire or grow this capability ? How long will this take and at what cost ?”

Talent Management aligns business and HR leaders

Both groups understand that increasing marketshare, productivity or output and the realisation of cost challenges or organizational downsizing are highly dependent on people management. Efforts in recruiting, retention, development and organisational change are essential to the success of any businesses and are as important as budgeting, quality control, and customer service.

Talent management provides an integrated perspective and links the employee lifecycle to the business cycle of an organization. The goal is to ensure workforce availability and mobility, i.e. the continuous internal movement of talent in and out of jobs and business units based on business needs; the aim is to increase overall productivity through the improved attraction, development, retention and utilisation of talent.

How can Redwood Talent Partners help ?

We support business and HR leaders in a rigorous analysis of the skills, competencies, attitudes and knowledge required to successfully implement the business strategy. We consult with executive committees in their endeavour to establish a meaningful link to performance management and to build and maintain a consistent approach to succession planning.

Our focus is on key posts which are critical for executing strategy and which have the largest impact on a company’s success in the business cycle. We support organisations in assessing their bench strength and help them identify their talent gaps.

Based on the assessment, we deliver targeted development programmes with a particular focus on behavioural skills and attitudes that are important in achieving successful results in leadership, business development and operations management roles.