What is team building ?

« A team can be built, team spirit has to be cultivated. It takes time, energy and willing. One needs to have the right ingredients not only to take a group of people and turn it into a team focussed on realising a common objective but also to keep the spirit of the team alive ». Pierre Cauvin

Why hold a team-building seminar ?

A team building seminar is the occasion, in an offsite location, for the team and the team manager to reflect on the way that the team functions, by promoting the collective participation of all team members in activities that stimulate reflection and creativity and are also enjoyable. The purpose is to improve team performance and develop cohesion, synergy and motivation amongst members of the team so as to establish :

  • Sharing of objectives, of purpose and of the values of the team and the broader organisation
  • A genuine and positive way of communicating
  • An openness towards others, confidence and a mutual acknowledgement of differences

It is especially relevant when a new team has been put together, including virtual teams working across different locations, or when a new manager arrives or when a new organisational structure requires the collaboration and the acceptance of all the players.

The objectives of a team building seminar
  • Better understand the way that the team works together
  • Improve the efficiency of the team by understanding and making use of the behavioural preferences of the different members of the team
  • Identify and analyse relationship styles to make better use of the levers of action and better serve individual and collective objectives
  • Develop confidence through verbal and non-verbal listening
  • Adapt communication style to the audience
  • Recognise the complementarity of each individual and know how to improve the creativity and the performance of the team
  • Create and maintain the cohesion and the team spirit by leveraging the diversity which is the strength of the group
The Redwood Talent Partners approach

The instructional approach used by the experienced Redwood Talent Partners consultants to design and run team building seminars is based on :

    • Two tools that give participants insights into their preferred styles, individually and within a team :
      • the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) : A well-known and practical personality type indicator
      • the TMS® (Team Management System) : A way to identify complementarities and maximise potential within a team
    • An exercise in collective creativity concerning the way the organisation is perceived
    • Practical and fun exercises drawing on the artistic talents of the participants : brainstorming, role plays, discussions and group work
    • Regular and constructive feedback from both the consultants and the participants


    The momentum created during this seminar is based on :

    • The ethics of the consultants and the respect of the privacy of each participant
    • The preparatory meetings between the consultants, the manager and the team members
    • The variety of the exercises proposed
    • The active participation of the manager
    • The follow-up proposed after the seminar