Our definition of team coaching

This is a support and accompanying method for a team, aimed at developing or enhancing collective performance and responding to the need to improve the overall performance of the organisation.

The coach, given their external position and through the methods used, helps the team to achieve a common goal, which can be a business-related, technical or behavioural goal. Team coaching is a longer-term approach and method, unlike team building that often focuses on a “one off” solution to an issue.

As with individual coaching, team coaching usually takes the form of a number of meetings, which will be both collective and individual, to ensure that the team takes the appropriate steps to meet the agreed objectives.

Team coaching objectives
  • Define the objectives of the team and the means to achieve them and align these to the organisation’s strategy
  • Define the role and place of each member within the team
  • Identify the ways that the team members interact, codes of conduct and the stage of team development
  • Identify issues that have a negative impact on collaboration
  • Gain the support of each member to work towards team goals
  • Build practical action plans
The Redwood Talent Partners approach

At Redwood Talent Partners a team coaching programme is meticulously prepared.

This preparation helps to ensure buy-in of the manager and the team members to the objectives. It consists of :

  • A kick-off interview with the team manager followed by a communication to the team
  • An interview with each member of the team
  • Observation of a team meeting
  • Preparatory actions by each team member before the first event in the programme
  • The agreement between the Redwood Talent Partners consultants and the team manager on the objectives of the programme.

As the programme advances, we work with the manager and the team to debrief and provide coaching support as appropriate. Usually the group will need to meet again so that support and guidance can be given to embed the changes identified as being desirable.

The Redwood Talent Partners team have experience in team coaching as professional, qualified coaches as well as through business and consultancy work. They operate at both strategic and operational levels.

Each team coaching assignment is unique and we are committed to working with our clients to build a tailor-made solution to specific issues, taking into account the context and culture of the company.