From good teams to great teams

Creating, supporting and developing high performance teams is vital for every leader to succeed. Teams are the building blocks of highly effective organizations, whatever the situation : business as usual or an urgent project, operational or strategic, virtual or cross-functional.

Leaders face several major challenges: they need to master the fundamentals of team management such as managing stakeholder expectations and they must select the most appropriate people. To this can be added the important and necessary tasks of clarifying goals, roles and responsibilities; structuring work flows, supervising, planning and monitoring delivery and last but not least, sharing success as well as failure. However, not all groups of individuals are teams.

The keys to building effective teams are
  • Release potential from diversity
  • Promote creativity
  • Unleash positive energy through teamwork

It is often the much-invoked diversity which blocks team performance – people issues and negative group dynamics are left to solve themselves and not enough attention is given to aligning people around a shared vision.

High performing teams need

  • A high level of self-awareness
  • To understand differences of approach
  • Open communication and trust

Leaders need to create this atmosphere and to know how to leverage differences and complementarities to ensure that a team benefits from synergy – where one plus one can equal a lot more than two.

How can Redwood Talent Partners help ?

We support leaders who need to develop high performance teams, whether in calm waters or in turbulent times, and we help individuals become more effective team members. In our approach we train and coach leaders to master the fundamentals of team management and, through a variety of practical interventions, we help leaders and teams identify the benefits of diversity, leverage the different perspectives which lie within the team and make the most of the teams’ capacity, thus improving business performance.