Ian McDonald

As a consultant in talent evaluation and development for over 4 years, I draw on a broad experience in the retail banking sector where I held a number of operational and strategic roles. You'll find the best razor shark kostenlos spielen here, you have time to get it!

Be it in delivering an assessment centre, designing a 360° feedback project or participating in an executive training programme, I especially enjoy developing partnerships with clients, driven by the knowledge that helping individuals and teams with their own development can have an impact on business performance.

25 years of international experience in business development and commercial management with the Barclays Group in the UK, Spain and France. English mother tongue. Other languages : French / Spanish

Marie-Laurence Leroy

A consultant and executive coach for 6 years, previous to this I was an HR Director and ExCo member of companies in the industrial and services sectors. I have since developed skills in talent management, individual coaching and management training, although the area that I have developed a particular interest in is team coaching. I enjoy seeing people succeed together as they develop their creativity and contribute to the performance of the team. 20 years of experience in human resources, including 12 as an HR Director, including at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and for Eco-Emballages. French mother tongue. Other languages : English

Thomas Kepler

As a consultant in leadership development, building on a diverse experience as an HR leader, I help our clients to identify appropriate HR policies and measures when developing their strategies and business objectives. This helps them to improve their results in the longer term. I strongly believe that it is the quality of the leadership team and their capacity to innovate and develop the business that is key feature of profitable and long-term growth. 20 years of experience in human resources, 15 as HR Director, working in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France with the SEB Group and Kuehne+Nagel. German mother tongue. Other languages : English/French

Karen Pinon

A consultant and management trainer for 15 years, I work with large and medium-sized companies in many countries to help develop the management, leadership and team building skills of their key players. This helps them to develop both their skills and their behaviours. My personal conviction is that successful individual and team development is directly linked to an understanding of the cultural diversity and richness to be found in every company. 20 years of experience as a private banking manager, translator, interpreter and languages trainer in the industrial and services sector and in ONGs. English mother tongue. Other languages : French