Why Redwood Talent Partners ?

Redwood Talent Partners is a corporate talent management consultancy, created by a team of senior consultants from France, Britain and Germany who have all held senior management positions in business before moving to an advisory role. The initiative to launch Redwood Talent Partners came directly from their passion for leadership development, for identifying talents and skills and improving team performance. Success in these key areas can improve business performance.

Our objective – We build programmes that enthuse and mobilise leaders and their teams with a resulting impact on the competitiveness and attractiveness of the organisation. We do this by working closely with our clients, executives or HR leaders in companies of all sizes, in France and internationally.

Our values

Sharing – We share with our clients our expertise in consulting and our practical business experience as senior executives to jointly develop solutions that positively impact performance.

Trust – We build trust and are committed to building long- term relationships with our clients and partners based on active listening to needs, transparency and authenticity.

Boldness – We seek to challenge received wisdom ideas by the use of boldness and creativity, thanks to our participative and resolutely business-oriented approach.

Analysis of leadership and training trends – We seek to go beyond buzzwords, taking the initiative to monitor the evolution of training techniques and leadership thinking in France and internationally, for the benefit of our clients.