Redwood Talent Partners a “osé le talent”

The Franco-British Chamber recently opened its doors for the launch of Redwood Talent Partners, a talent consultancy firm. Human resources experts flooded into a packed boardroom for a presentation, which whilst being far from conventional, was all the more interesting and enjoyable because of it. The presentation was given by the four strong senior management team of Redwood Talent Partners, and showcased some brilliant acting skills.

The demonstration included sketches of real life office scenarios and provided tips on how managers could have improved the situation to first, spot a talented candidate, then develop his leadership skills, and finally use this to increase the performance of the team as a whole.

A memorable and highly eye opening example of how important it is to manage different types of working styles was provided by the audience itself. For this, firstly, a very simple question was posed to the audience: ‘Please raise your hand if, after having bought a piece of furniture from IKEA, you follow the instructions very carefully when building it’. This group was named Group A and anyone who didn’t raise their hand was put in Group B. These two groups were then tasked with making a poster to promote an event for the made-up company ‘Galaxy’. The outcome was startling, Group A, who had not been ashamed to say they religiously followed IKEA instructions, produced a highly informative yet rigid poster containing no illustrations. By contrast, Group B, who had boldly proclaimed to shunning the Swedish furniture giant’s instructions at any opportunity, created a poster, which while less coherent, was full of illustrations and puns. The point was clear: it is important to define different types of thinkers within your team, and then establish a way of making them work cohesively.

The presentation was followed by a ‘dégustation de vins’ provided by Domaine du Cantaussel as well as a selection of charcuteries with bread and cheese. The audience was very quick to congratulate the part-time-actors-full-time-directors and a jovial mood made for a fun and relaxed networking session.

We would like to thank Redwood Talent Partners for putting on a great spectacle, as well as everyone who came for being an exemplary participative audience. Finally, please keep your eyes peeled for more Chamber events in the coming months.

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