Selling to the C-Level

Redwood Talent Partners, a company which specializes in talent assessment and development, leadership development and building successful teams, is expanding the services it offers clients with the announcement of a partnership with the international sales consultancy, Youd Andrews. Central to this partnership will be the roll-out of the programme Selling to the C-Level in France.

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International Assessment and Development Centres: “Sense and sensitivity ”

International companies are making more and more use of Assessment and Development Centres and they’re doing this for a number of reasons: to benchmark competencies; to facilitate integration of teams; in the context of a recruitment, perhaps at senior executive level and when putting in place high performance and succession planning programmes. Ian McDonald, one of the Directors and founders of Redwood Talent Partners, a British consultant living in France, shares his experience in this area. Read more

Is there a Human Resources Director or Head of Recruitment out there who wouldn’t admit to regretting a hiring or a promotion decision?


Quite apart from the deception with the situation, the many related costs can be measured in time, energy, search fees, direct and indirect salary costs and training, as well as travel costs and expenses and perhaps even a leaving package. Put end-to-end these can amount to more than a year’s salary for the company – an expensive ‘mistake’.

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Quotation for Leaders

Leadership and Talent is the Name of the Game

“I think the best leaders I have worked with have this unique ability to master the complexity of their environment, and then shape a very clear and reasonably simple, straightforward, compelling strategy that everybody can understand, starting with their own people”
(Pierre Nanterme)

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Quotation of the Month

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”(Jack Welch)

Jack Welch began his career with the General Electric Company in 1960, and in 1981 became the Company’s 8th Chairman and CEO. During his 20+ year tenure as CEO, the Company’s market capitalization rose from $13 billion to over $400 billion. In 2000, he was named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune magazine.


Assessments: No, digital isn’t the solution to everything !

The digitalisation of processes in business has been become more and more prevalent in recent years. Of course the HR function is impacted by digital transformation: areas including training, payroll, recruitment and assessment have been through profound changes.

From paperless payroll to predictive recruitment and the regular use of HR Information Systems (HRIS), there is no shortage of examples of evolution and change in the HR area. This can be seen Read more