Selling to the C-Level

Redwood Talent Partners, a company which specializes in talent assessment and development, leadership development and building successful teams, is expanding the services it offers clients with the announcement of a partnership with the international sales consultancy, Youd Andrews. Central to this partnership will be the roll-out of the programme Selling to the C-Level in France.

Youd Andrews enables customer-facing executives to sell more effectively to C-Suite executives through leveraging the experience of its International network of seasoned business professionals. Sales executives work in teams, learning to pitch to different types of C-level executives using a business case appropriate to their domain. The teams are offered techniques and coaching on how to develop relationships and make an impact with key business decision-makers in a unique “business simulator” environment, inspired by the complete immersion approach used in the world of aviation, where pilots learn how to behave and react in real time situations.

At a time where innovative and differentiating approaches to learning can make a real difference to business performance, this partnership brings added value to companies looking to further enhance the professionalism of their sales teams in high level/high stakes B2B situations by optimizing their agility and their ability to compete.

Ian McDonald, Director at Redwood Talent Partners: “Thanks to this partnership, Redwood Talent Partners is broadening its range of services  – offering the innovative Selling to the C-Level programme complements and enhances the leadership development and executive coaching programmes we offer to our clients.”

Roger Hill, Director at Youd Andrews: “France is an important market for Youd Andrews and this partnership is part of our expansion strategy. Thanks to their multicultural backgrounds and experience in operating at executive level, the team at Redwood Talent Partners are well-placed to understand the challenges for customer-facing teams and the added value of the business simulator approach.

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