The Harmonious Way to Team Development

Are you looking for an original way to reinforce team development? Marie-Laurence Leroy, co-founder of Redwood Talent Partners, describes a training experience like no other.

When I signed up for a vocal and scenic training programme last summer, I had two goals in mind. Firstly, to learn to find the appropriate tone for my voice when speaking in public; and also to discover how well I could sing to try my luck at karaoke! Missions accomplished, I learned that the body is an instrument in itself and discovered that I was capable of reaching notes that I would never have thought possible.

But what a surprise to discover – or should I say rediscover – the degree to which singing can help to forge links and as a result to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a group.


Why? Because singing makes use of the right side of the brain (which controls our feelings) and stimulates positive thoughts which we seek to share. And when we sing in unison, beyond the harmonious sound that is produced, it is the expression of one heart, in unity. This also illustrates the power of the team.

A few years ago, a senior manager in a bank wanted to organise an event to foster the spirit of cohesion in his new team. As a leader, he realised that he needed to create a new impetus and wanted to use an unconventional approach to team development.

To help with this I contacted a group of Gospel singers. On the first day, the bankers spent time getting to know each other. Then, under the watchful eye and direction of the singers and musicians, the team became the talented performers of « The Lion Sleeps Tonight ». A very real sense of rapport and complicity developed because of this experience and I then heard that members of the team never missed an occasion to sing when they found themselves together, in the car when visiting clients for example!

As French singer Michel Sardou said, “Life isn’t always fun, but it’s less sad when singing!”

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